Preparing for your Beach Photography Session:

1.  Clothing:  What to is the limit but classic khaki pants/shorts and white shirts are always a winning combination.  Also blue jeans and white shirts, blue jeans and pastel shirts are great choices as well.  Wear what is comfortable and know thedestinphotographer is going put you down in the sand so don't go to short with your dresses.. Long typically looks great and is perfect for the beach!

2.  Makeup/Lotion:  On the beach - there is almost always a breeze  and it can be very hot and humid.  Make sure that you do not lather yourself with lotions other than some sunscreen.  Try to keep the makeup light and natural.  If you put on too much lotion  and the wind is blowing you may get some sand attached to you and it will get sticky and irritating... so please please please do not lather yourself in the latest Bath and Body Works fruity scented lotion - you will be miserable.  =)

3.  Hair:  As stated above on the beach, there is almost always a breeze.  Make sure you put a little more hairspray than usual or clips or ties, if you are worried about your hair staying in place.  Also - no matter how much hairspray you use - your hair is going to have somewhat of a "wind blown" effect - just know that this makes your photos look natural and beautiful - please don't stress too much about your hair blowing, we'll do our best to wait between shots to get this right.

4.  Water:  You may want to bring a bottle of water or 2 sometimes it's really hot and  we want to make sure that you do not dehydrate.

5.  Towels:  Please bring a few hand towels for everyone to pat themselves dry as sometimes you will be sweating during the shoot and you will need to often wipe your brow.  The breeze is usually blowing so it is not that uncomfortable, but we use high resolution cameras and you wont want all of your photos to have drops of sweat on your forehead and cheeks.  =)

6.  Children:  Make sure the kids have had a nap, are not hungry or thirsty and are excited about the photo shoot.  I try to bring props, toys, etc. but it's very difficult to make a fussy, tired child smile long enough to get great photos - so I always remind my clients to make sure the kids are ready for the shoot.

7.  Have fun!  The photo shoots are meant to be a fun time for the whole family - you'll be getting really close to each other for up to an hour! 

8.  Locations:  I shoot in a multitude of different settings...that said most of the time the location is a park like Henderson State Park in Destin.  There is a small fee to enter the park and I choose this location because our town is sometimes extremely busy and the park provides better access to the beaches with not as many people.   Parking typically isn't an issue in the parks.   If you would like to shoot at a specific location, just let me know and I will do my best to accommodate  you.

9.  Thank you for your business!  I know you have many choices for  Photography on the emerald coast and I want you and your family to know that I cherish meeting each and every one of you and look forward to helping your family capture some amazing memories to cherish for years to come.